Could anyone link me/suggest good yoga workouts for back pains?

Or something that helps with back pains? Specifically lower back



Here are 12 yoga poses to help open your hips. Heidi Kristoffer recommends that you pick any five of these openers each day, switching them up each time. Hold each pose for about 30 seconds each, take deep breaths, and you will start to feel more open. For more details on each pose check out the original post at



I keep getting a few people asking me about yoga, and not knowing where to start so i thought id make a list of all the youtube videos i used when i started doing yoga

If you want to challenge yourself!

Youtube Channels worth subscribing to

Books worth reading

I’m happy to answer any other questions anyone might have

Ohhh I wanna try!



Eight Angle Pose

Ewa Josefsson 

Come to sitting. Draw one knee into the chest and start to inch the shoulder under the knee. Cross ankles with the bottom leg in front of the top leg when performing this arm balance.

Always cross ankles with the bottom leg in front of the top leg when performing this arm balance.

Good for core strength and balance.

So I’m going to South Carolina tomorrow for a week.

We are also heading to Savannah, GA for New Year’s Eve/my birthday!

But I got a message that said I am going to be going to a power vinyasa yoga, baron baptiste style yoga class.

Anyone have any experience with it? My only Yoga experience is my workout videos


defy1 by Grant Margison on Flickr.



(Source: backto15)

(Source: backto15)

The sunburn saga is slowly coming to a close.

I got some different aloe stuff to put on my burn from my co-worker today and it worked wonderfully. I put some on at lunch and by the end of the day the burn on the tops of my thighs did not hurt anymore. 

I took that as a sign tonight that I could do some lower body exercises. So I did POP Pilates videos called Beyonce Bootylicious Bum Butt Badonkadonk Bonanza as well as a quick Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge.

I then put on some rainfall music and did the stretch video again. I also added in some other stretches from the end of Yoga X. It was so relaxing and calming. Perfect way to end the day