Fit test results 

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That about sums it up.

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insanity fit test: switchkicks, power jacks, power knee, power jumps, globe jumps, suicide jumps, push-up jacks, low plank obliques. 


I wanted to do a Plyo workout and thought about doing P90X but decided on Insanity instead. That workout is about 10-15 minutes shorter. So I just finished Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit and I spent about 5-7 minutes after the workout just sitting, catching my breath. ( So really it was the same amount of time)

I had to modify some of the workouts to get through them and had to rest a great deal but it was finished. The ending Level 1 Drills, Ski Abs and In & Outs are seriously the worst. But the music they use as well as Shaun T yelling at you really helped me push through.


My arch-enemy, Power Jumps are back…..

Fit Test Week 1 of Insanity complete:

Switch Kicks- 79

Squat Jacks- 38

Power Knees- 71

Power Jumps- 20

Globe Jumps- 6

Suicide Jumps- 13

Push-up Jacks- 16

Low Plank Obliques- 46

- All were done for 1 minute with breaks between each exercise

Guys, Insanity Take 2 is officially a go! 1/60

So P90X Plyo or Insanity Plyo/Cardio?
Ok back on track tomorrow

The week off was cute and all but I am deathly afraid of gaining weight over the last month of the year.

Time to make my lunch everyday, cut out the Diet Coke and coffee I’ve been drinking for the past couple weeks, this means water only, and no more M&M’s & milkshakes.

Workouts need to start back up!

The plan until the end of the 2011:

Running, Ripped in 30 with a mix of NTC & maybe some of blogilates workout videos on youtube

The plan for the start of 2012? We’re going big and doing a hybrid P90X/Insanity

Both Tony and Shaun? Imma die


Happy September everyone!

Yesterday- Chest, Shoulders & Triceps- ow, ow, ow. My shoulders killed from the Yoga Monday and I could feel it through the workout. Ab Ripper- killed it, so much fun, yada yada, yada

Today- Max Interval Circuit. Note: Don’t start it at 11 at night if you have to get up early the next morning. Completed the first circuit and the first set of the 2nd circuit when I decided to call it quits for tonight. 

What a workout! Possibly will finish it up tomorrow morning if I get up on time


Took my “after” pictures tonight. 

Looking at what a short 30 days with focus on cardio does to your body is pretty damn awesome. 

Insanity gets it done. Just think when I am able to do the 2 months in a row how much it will change!

And have any of you ever focused on just one part of your body to see a change? Well I was looking and realized that my shoulders actually have more definition from the start when I’ve just been focusing on seeing if my stomach and thighs have lost fat. Little did I know my arms have gotten more defined as well