grrrr. Finished 3.2 miles on the treadmill! It’s been a long time since I ran that far.

Even though it wasn’t fast at all- 3.2 miles, 39:43, I stuck to my guns and ran not for time but for distance like I did oh so long ago. It felt good.

Chest & Back

1 mile run- 10:30

Still hot even in the basement but it was a very good workout. I loaded up the weights on the Lawnmowers and Heavy Pants and it felt amazing.

1 mile- 10:24 (with some walking)

- Cool breeze, some sun, still hot despite all that. Was nice, could have been better but good for now

Bonus: Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred

Got a huge wedding I’m going to in about 2 months and it is the big Italian wedding with a lot of Italian family members. Goal is:

- Work out 5-6 times per week instead of the 2-3 I’m doing now.

- Get back to some weight training & running instead of just running

- Drink only water

Mile run- 9:28

.93, about 24 minutes

The weather varied between really hot and breezy. When the sun was out it was there and it made itself known. But when it went behind the clouds or there was a patch of trees, the breeze felt very nice. 

I went walking in a small patch of woods in my subdivision and it made me want to go back there with my big camera. It was so pleasant and calm and the way the sun shined through the trees made it seem like there were no houses nearby.

I took some pictures if you want to check them out after the cut

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I was feeling “meh” going into my short timed mile tonight so I put on this shirt to remind myself I’ve ran 13.1 miles before. Getting that faster mile will take time but I’ve already done something I never dreamed I’d be able to do.

More practice but I hope one day I’ll get that 7 minute mile

1 mile- 9:40


I started with Ab Ripper X today then ran 2.5 miles for 27 min. I started off with a jog for the first mile and then decided to try sprint/walk for the second mile. 

It started off nice with the sun and the breeze but when I didn’t have the shade with me in the last mile I was struggling.

But got it done. 


Ran on the treadmill tonight. My mile time was 10:13. 

Total was 2.2- 24:13 with a side of Ab Ripper X. In that my back still hurt while doing the Fifer Scissors and I got 25/50 seconds straight with the Mason Twists. I will try to do 30 seconds straight next time. 


Wonderful weather yet again today. 

So happy that spring is here!

2.2 miles-23:00

6/30 miles for May

Yesterday my friend reminded me that we ran the half marathon in Vegas 5 months ago. I remember it being really cold, and I experienced pain in my hips that I’ve never felt before. Then I vowed never to run that far again. But now I’m looking around to see if I can find any half races for late fall. Glad to see that didn’t last.

Ok a timed mile right now and some Chest, Shoulders and Triceps after dinner.

No time for the full C,S,T workout so I did Ab Ripper X instead. Midterms are more important to get done

What did you guys do/are doing today for your workouts?

Mile time: 9:40 (outside)

Full run: 1.29 13:13

- Need to work on the running after the mile. I am too tired at the end of it to keep running. 

- Practice, practice, practice

2.06 miles- 23:35

Lap 1- 10:47

Lap 2- 12:43

Still needs work but practice makes perfect I suppose.

It was a good run. I tripped on the elevated sidewalk and have some fun marks on my palms but it was a cool day, no sun and a breeze. 

Forgot to do this yesterday,

My mile that I timed was 9:20.

A far cry from 8 minutes, hell even 7 minutes….

Never give up, right?


"Exercising is fun" they said…..

"Running is good for you" they said…..

I’m so tired right now:

2.21 mi 

inclined walk (as you can see)/run

(Source: backto15)

Workout 2/27

2 miles:

Mile 1- 10:23

Mile 2- 12:26


Was hoping for under 20 minutes but I guess it’s something to work on


Back & Biceps and a 8:42 mile for today.

It is great having nothing to do today. I actually can get a good workout in.

Yesterday I did Ab Ripper X and some butt exercises. 

And I’ve always seen putting blueberries in the freezer for a snack later but why didn’t anyone tell me to do it sooner! They are awesome!


I almost broke 9 minutes!

1 mile, 9:02 min.

And I got two rounds of the 3 minute ab pilates workout this time!