All 3 30 Day Shred videos. 

Level 1 starts at the beginning.

Level 2 starts at 27 minutes.

Level 3 starts at 56 minutes.

The holy grail for fitblrs

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30 Day Shred: 12/30

Well after Christmas Eve and Christmas I got back on track. I was sweating up a storm and still trying to figure out my weights.

I don’t know if the weights alone are 2.5 or 5 pounds….

Either way, I was constantly adjusting the weight so I could get through the strength exercises. Good or bad idea, I don’t know.

30 Day Shred: 11/30

Start of phase 2

Like predicted the strength exercises were harder.

I also felt more out of breath on the cardio, which was good. I felt the phase 1 cardio was a bit too easy for me.

The ab exercises were good and I felt them too.

Overall good workout!

Hoping to get up early to finish my workout before I have to help with the cooking for Christmas Eve

30 Day Shred: 10/30

Last day of Phase 1 is complete!

It was fun/hard as usual but I am excited for phase 2. Except the strength exercise when your arms come up by your head in a “V”. Those ones suck and I hate them

And my sisters friend won some VIP thing in town for tonight. I wasn’t planning on going but to cross something off the bucket list, I think I might.

30 Day Shred: 9/30

Well day 9 was put off one day. It was supposed to be done yesterday, but the soreness from snowboarding Sunday was in full force for some reason, worse than the day before.

Has anyone ever experienced being sore, but not too bad after a workout but then the next day, or the day after that, it starts to hurt even worse?

Today I was feeling a lot better, now just a couple spots are really bad. But I did day 9 and after the first couple of sets the soreness subsided and I was able to get the whole thing done with minimal modifications.

Now I sit here and figure out how I resist the cookies that come with Christmas.

30 Day Shred: 8/30

Good things today.

I’m not as sore as I thought I was going to be!

That being said though, I tried to do the Shred with 5 pound weights, that was not happening…

So today I used 3 pounds and did a lot of the modified versions of the workouts but I got it done.

2 more days of phase 1!

30 Day Shred: 6/30, 7/30

Real quick update because we have company over,

Day 6 was a lot easier and was still able to bump up my unmodified push ups. Did this yesterday.

Day 7 I just finished earlier this morning and got it out of the way, my arms were a little tired but other than that, everything was fine.

Hope everyone has a great day!

30 Day Shred: 5/30

Keep on chugging along everyone!

Not much to report today. Got up to 8 unmodified push ups and I still hate the strength exercises. 

Days 6-10 I hope to run at least 2 miles along with the Shred. 

Edit: and did this workout right at 9:00 p.m. so a little later than yesterday. But tomorrow and Sunday I hope to get up early and finish my workout because my cousins from Florida will be here visiting those days and I don’t want an “I didn’t have time” excuse. Because, really, 30 minutes is not that long.

30 Day Shred: 4/30

The great accomplishment today is I did my workout before 9:00 p.m.

Also, tried to focus on tightening my abs the whole time and I bumped up my push ups to 7 unmodified. 

I also had to take only a break or two during some of the strength exercises.

As for what I’m eating, I need to figure out more variety

30 Day Shred: 3/30

Didn’t update yesterday for some reason.

Today was a lot better. I had to rest only once during the 2nd strength exercise during the first round. The cardio and ab parts are super easy and that was no problem. I was able to do 1 more unmodified push up, which was 6. But I could really tell during the first set of push ups I did 6 unmodified and then 5 modified. The second time around I only did 3 modified including the 6.

The last strength exercise for the first set I switched to 3 poudn weights because my arms were hurting. But the second set I tried 5 pounds again but had to rest a few times.

I then did a small run/inclined fast paced walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes. For the walking parts I put it up to the highest incline. 

My food intake was better than yesterday. I think I’m still eating too many carbs or something but I did have a mysterious vegetable for lunch and come to find out later, after I got home from work that it was a very small zucchini. 

30 Day Shred: 2/30

It must be that my shoulders are sore. Or whatever muscle you call that is connects the arm and the chest. I thought it would hurt me going into the workout tonight but it wasn’t so bad.

For the 1st set of strength exercises I did 5 unmodified push ups and then the modified ones for the rest of the time. The second squat and arm raise exercises I had to let my arms rest for 3 turns and 5 turns for the two sets. 

Overall the strength is what gives me the most trouble. I do non-modified versions of the cardio and ab exercises.

For this exercise:  I had to do half and half the second set because of my arms. I could also really feel my biceps in the curl & lunge exercise. 

30 Day Shred: 1/30

Level 1, day 1:

Ok so, I’ve always had trouble with the 2nd move in the very first strength segment. I am using 5 pounds for the 30 days and I could not keep them up the entire time. And I debated this but here is my SW: 132

For the push ups I did these kind because of my arms:

The other one that usually gets me and it got me this time around was the one where you lunge and do a shoulder… something or other….

I couldn’t do that all the way through either.

However, I was able to keep up through the rest of them, work up a sweat and complete it. 

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Saw one of my friends on Twitter note she was going to do Day 1 of the 30DS and I thought that I’d do it as well.

So I popped it in and busted out the workout and some different thoughts ran through my head while doing it:

- Last time I did it was the start of the new year, the time when I was going to focus on getting fit

- I used 3# weights, this time I used 5#

- I could only do modified versions of the moves and even on day 9 I was still doing modified, now I did all the advanced versions

- I needed to stop multiple times, this time I stopped less than 5 the whole workout

- 30 minutes goes by so fast when you are used to working out for at least 50 minutes for the past 3 months

- But the workout still kicked my ass. I was sweating and sore through most of it but so proud I have advanced in my strength since I started working out again January 1st